Books Go Global!

Welcome to the Books Go Global space! We will use this space to share and post our multimedia book reviews so that everyone can enjoy them! We will be using VoiceThread to create our reviews, but are open to using different tools as the year progresses and new tools are developed.

Right now, this project is being conducted in English with fourth grade classes around the world, but we would love to open it up to other age ranges and languages over the course of the year. We are actively looking for more partners, so please feel free to sign up here! Once you've signed up, check out the teacher planning page to see how to get started.

The main purpose of this online space is to provide a place for students and teachers to share multimedia reviews of great books, to broaden reading for all students, and to connect and converse about books. Because reviews of a wide variety of books will be published here, students will be able to expand their reading horizons and meet other like-minded readers around the world. Teachers will benefit as well by establishing relationships with teachers around the world and by gleaning project ideas from these online colleagues. All people involved will also hone their technological and collaborative skills by working with multimedia tools like VoiceThread and collaborating in this wiki environment.

There are no hard and fast rules for the Books Go Global wiki. Students and teachers are welcome to submit as many multimedia book reviews as they wish, and are encouraged to edit the wiki by adding their own ideas. This space is flexible and can grow and change as new ideas are developed and shared. General planning ideas are posted here - feel free to add/edit as many ideas as you wish!

Right now, this is a protected space, which means that everyone can see our work, but only invited members can edit our wiki. Please feel free to refer other teachers and students here. Because this space is visible to to the public, please ensure that your students follow the online safety guidelines. Do not use students' full names in this space.

Remember that Wikispaces will create accounts for students without using email addresses if you give them usernames and passwords. See this page for more information!!!